Bodybuilding Tips That Will Get You Faster Results

Bodybuilding Tips

They only want to have that kind of body, only they don’t know the right way to do it. There are so many bodybuilding tips that are available on the Internet. Some are true and some are just promises.

You have to carefully screen which information is legit and which will just advertise fake body building supplements that are not only highly expensive but unsafe too.

These supplements may contain steroids. Steroids are high dosage medicines that many bodybuilders use to boost their muscle mass albeit temporarily. However, prolonged use of steroids can weaken the bones and a cause a host of other negative health effects.

If you want to have a fit body, below are healthy tips to get six packs, bodybuilding fitness training exercises and good practice as well as professional advice best for building muscle mass the healthy way and as quick as possible:

Tip #1
Know What Foods And Habits To Avoid
When you have decided to live a healthy lifestyle toward getting a buff body or a six pack abs, you must be ready to give up unhealthy foods that you used to eat and habits that are not advisable for healthy living.

 Foods To Avoid – When you are training to get a buff body, you need to consume less calories which means that you have to avoid high calorie foods as well as glycemic carbohydrates, those that contain more than enough sugar that can be processed by the body.

You must also note that eating beyond 9pm is a no-no when it comes to bodybuilding. The food you eat beyond this time will be slowly digested as your body is more inclined to rest. What are foods to avoid?

• Milk – while milk can provide you with a lot of protein and calcium, it could be a source of sugar which is not healthy for your body at night. You can have a milk shake instead after you work out or during the day.

• Pasta And Pizza – Avoid all kinds of pasta unless they are made from healthier ingredients like whole grains and not processed ones. They are high in carbohydrates which you don’t need especially at night. If you are a pasta fan, you can indulge once in a while but must keep it in moderation. Remember also that you need to lose what you ate. So keep moderation in mind. Pizza is another body building killer food. It contains unhealthy carbs as well as tons of fat.

• Meat – Too much meat before bed is a big bodybuilding mistake. Breaking down meat takes a lot of energy from the body which you don’t have when you are about to hit the sack. You can opt to have turkey meat instead but keep it up to 50 grams only. Turkey meat also contains an amino acid tryptophan which helps you sleep better.

Habits To Avoid – Aside from unhealthy foods, there are also bad habits that you must avoid to make your bodybuilding goal a success. What are these habits?

• Smoking – If you are smoking regularly and planning to engage in bodybuilding, you must first quit. These two cannot co-exist and give you a happy ending. Nicotine withdrawal or its regular intake can affect the body’s metabolism which is integral in keeping your body fit.

• Alcohol Consumption – The same can be said with drinking. Alcoholic drinks, especially beer can cause weight gain which will make your bodybuilding progress quite slow. Aside from the beverage, you may not avoid eating something together with it. Usually these foods are very high in cholesterol which is another health and fitness wrecker.

• Sleeping Late – Never sleep late when you are working out. You must keep at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleeping enhances metabolism and helps your body regain energy for another bout of work-out. Growth hormones are also released during sleep which will improve your muscle and body mass.

Tip #2
Know What Foods To Eat.
When you work out, your eating habits will definitely change. You need to consume less glycemic carbohydrates and high calorie foods. Eat a lot of these foods instead:

• Protein – Protein is your body’s best friend when you are working out. They are needed to build muscle mass and expel fats in the body. Consume eggs. They have the highest protein value. Drink milk in the morning too or you can have a healthy milk shake. Red meat, chicken and turkey are great meat choices as well as fish. Consume up to 50 grams of protein 5 times per day and make sure to have a protein-packed breakfast before you hit the gym. When you cannot consume the right protein requirement in a day, this is where you can have protein and body building supplements.

• Healthy Carbs – Carbohydrates are needed by the body for energy. This is exactly the nutrient you need when you are working out. However, you need to choose the healthy carbs. Ditch processed or refined carbs like white bread and rice. Go for some brows like cereals, brown rice and whole grains.

Tip #3
Consistency Is The Key.
When you decide to work out, do it consistently. Don’t do it in a couple of weeks and then quit altogether. This will just enhance weight gain. When you work out, your body needs more energy so you eat more. When you quit working out, your body will have no other way to expel those extra energy and calories you have taken in.

Tip #4
Follow These Best Exercises To Get Fab Abs.
Crunches and sit-ups are for beginners. Don’t settle for them. When you want to develop stomach muscles fast, you need to do the following exercises.

• Bicycle Maneuver – This is a crunch variation but is twice as effective as the standard crunch. You have your back on the floor or a platform and you alternately lift your knees toward your chest while trying to reach your knees with your opposing elbow.

• Captain’s Chair – You will need a chair with armrests for this exercise. Raise your knees until they are horizontal while your arms rest on the armchair. Slowly return your legs to original position until at rest. Do repeatedly.

Tip #5
Observe Progression.
You will get nowhere when you lift the same weights every time you hit the gym. Your body and muscles are adaptive. They can easily get used to the weights you lift. When you want your muscles to be stronger and bigger, make sure to gradually increase your weights every 2 weeks or depending on your progress.